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Commercial Solid Waste Recycling Company


Your Custom • CNC • Woodworking Shop.

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Passionate about the wellbeing, and future of humanity.



We provide environmentally friendly, recycling & sustainable materials management solutions and resources for local, high-quality commercial wood products manufacturers, and businesses.

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Extensively researching, and developing the best strategies for optimizing our clients solid waste management practices, and delivering ○NE•○AK customized services.

We are your reliable Post-Processing & efficiency maximizing apparatus

& Custom • CNC • Woodworking Shop.

Our state of the art facilities are professionally designed and machine equipped,

tailored to suit each clients specific needs, with flexible service volumes & scalable

post processing operations.

We are geared to Reduce Landfill-Waste, through proprietary combinations

of time-tested & effective strategies, cutting-edge technologies, tools and Processes.

Recycle ↔ Repurpose ↔ Reuse ↔ Reduce ↔ Revive & Thrive . . . THAT’S OUR PROMISE!!!

PLEASE! feel free to reach out any time,

to learn more about how YOU•TOO can make a difference.


With some imagination, skill & TLC,

one’s so-called trash,

Can often become another’s treasure,

And a footprint in the right direction!

→ The key toward maximizing your potential ↑


Our strategic approach involves conducting careful, In-Depth studies around our clients general Waste Products and Recyclable Materials,

Ultimately designing & implementing the most efficient plan towards repurposing them effectively,

So that their productivity can be maximized throughout their entire life cycles.

This allows us to develop more effective methods for conserving resources


Reducing environmental impacts on air and land quality, as well as long-term general public health.


Recycling…Repurposing…   &   Reinvesting…


We partner with outstanding, local, Eco-Friendly businesses, and people that Value Sustainable Materials Management, and Support Recycling.

Together we are taking action towards educating our partners and clients on the value of reducing their carbon footprint and fostering

environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices.


 . • ○ Educating & Empowering ○ • . 

Hosting regular meetings, and sponsoring S.T.E.M. discovery programs for all ages.

Together we strive to repurpose, reuse, and recycle,

non-hazardous commercial recyclable materials.

Ie: High-Quality Solid & Plywoods, select Glass, Plastics, Metals, and Electronics.

These efforts are made possible and fruitful through our dynamic strategies,

cutting-edge operations, and passionate, outstanding individuals.


•Such as ~ Yourself•


Innovative Power Core


By actively implementing state-of-the-art technologies,


A.I. learning hardware and Computer Vision software,


We are able to communicate R&D efficiently between our Sustainable Materials Management apparatus


Multi-Discipline / Multi-Domain experienced team members, that are the heart and soul of our cutting-edge operations.


Effectively maximizing the power of our dynamic partnerships.




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A: 9661 W. Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116 , United States
O: 360-780-0612 ╬ E:oneoaksus@Gmail.com


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